Watch UK TV anytime, any place, anywhere.

Internet TVThere are several options available to customers who wish to receive UK TV using a broadband connection to the internet. Since January 2014, UK free view TV services have not been reliably available via SKY satellite due to a change in the satellite being used to deliver those services directly to the UK.  The ‘signal footprint’ was moved further north to be more focused to cover the UK and no longer covered Andorra.


What can we do for you.

  1. Access to UK IP Only Sites

    Using UK based servers and a VPN connection your computer or mobile device will always have a UK identity.

  2. Security and privacy

    Guaranteed safe, secure and anonymous connection, that’s speedy and reliable.

  3. Quick & easy install

    Simply sign up to our £10 monthly subscription service and in 5 minutes you can be watching UK TV.

Web television is a similar term often used to characterise short programs or videos created by a wide variety of companies and individuals, or Internet Protocol television (IPTV) – an emerging Internet technology standard for use by television broadcasters. Some Internet television is known as catch-up TV. Internet television is a general term that covers the delivery of television shows and other video content over the Internet by video streaming technology, typically by major traditional television broadcasters. It does not describe a technology used to deliver content. Internet television has become very popular through services such as RTÉ Player in Ireland; BBC iPlayer, 4oD, ITV Player (also STV Player and UTV Player) and Demand Five in the United Kingdom.

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