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We offer various solutions for Live TV and catch up TV please see  the options below:

IPTV solutions we provide:

BLADE (Stream) HD IPTV BOXThis ‘easy to use’ system is very popular. Our Freeview IPTV set top box provides the best quality Freeview Channels, worldwide, over the internet straight to your television. Simply plug the IPTV box to your internet connection and attach the cable provided to your television and away you go, with the best of UK television at your fingertips. It has a high quality user interface for program guide and 1 week catchup service.

The box provides easy access to the top 40 Freeview channels, including RTE One and RTE Two. For a full listing of available channels click here. Simply login with your username and password to get access to the set top box which comes with an easy to use electronic program guide (EPG) (an application used with digital set-top boxes and newer television sets to list current and scheduled programs that are or will be available on each channel and a short summary or commentary for each program).

All the channels on the EPG are duplicated providing a backup system in the event that a channel fails.

Slingbox LogoSlingbox Hosting Solution – Gives you worldwide access to the Full Sky EPG and all Sky channels over the internet, where ever you are and on the move. Our bespoke Slingbox Global Hosting Service provides the end user with a full Sky HD EPG over the internet. You can either watch this on your TV, Computer, iPad and mobile devices. By default you can watch this service on your computer, if you’d like to watch on your TV you will need to purchase a “Live Streaming Media device” and attach to your TV, this gives you remote control access without the use of any computers.

Catch up TV, Set Top BoxSky’s NowTv box makes your TV smarter and gives you worldwide access to a vast (optional) Library of Sky movies, Sky Sport plus access to BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and other catch up services. No Satellite dishes and cabling. The Box connects to your TV via an HDMI cable and to the Internet via wifi. The device needs to be used in conjunction with our VPN service (details above). Visit  for an up to date guide of packages and services that are available with NowTv.

Freeview logoFreeview + TV on Computer – Gives you worldwide access to Live BBC and ITV and TV on your TV/ Computer/ iPad.


VPN Logo

VPN Router Solution – Gives you worldwide access to BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and On-Demand on your Sky HD Box, “Smart TV” or via for computer/ tablet. If you would like to use “Now TV” this service also makes it possible additionally, this option also gives you access to UK only websites.

These routers can connect between your existing broadband router and your Sky HD box in order to give your Sky HD box a UK IP Address. This will enable your Sky HD box to have sky on-demand which also has an option for BBC iPlayer, ITV player and Demand 5. Other options include via your “Smart TV” or “Now TV” box or via your computer/ tablet. You could also connect your computer to the VPN router either wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable in order to have worldwide access to Freeview Channels over the internet.

IPTV LogoFreeview IPTV Solution  – This very popular solution gives you worldwide access to the main 40 Freeview channels and 7 days TV catch-up.


Freeview IPTV Box Solution


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#  In order for the above IP solutions to work effectively, you need to an effective internet connection with a minimum download speed of 2000kbps (2 Mbps). Try a speed test using either of these links or , or 

*If you wish to view via a Sky box an active Sky HD subscription is required for this solution.

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